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Our culture is all about our people and we take development very seriously to ensure AstraZeneca is a great place to work. Even though we are all driven by different aspirations, we each share the same commitment to quality, collaboration and networking – with colleagues, patients, doctors and academia.

Our culture is inclusive, because we see that different ideas, perspectives and opinions make us better and help push the boundaries to achieve our bold ambition. We are entrepreneurial in the way we think and behave, willing to take smart risks and think differently about how we can seize opportunities across the IT landscape.

Pharma for some tech professionals may not be an industry you may have previously considered, however those who join us both from within or out of industry are consistently challenged by the pace and breadth of our work given it’s ever-evolving nature and our desire to truly push the boundaries of science. We follow the science, turning ideas into life-changing medicines which have significant impact on our patients, this alone for most of our employees is what motivates us each day to be the very best, knowing ultimately that the role we play is making this possible.

We push our thinking to ensure we innovate at every turn, digitising across the business, to make a tangible difference to our pioneering work. We’re investing in innovative new technologies and providing inspirational, cutting-edge solutions to real business problems. Keeping ahead of the game in developments such as mobile, big data and the cloud really helps IT to influence and enable everything from early-stage drug development to the delivery of finished products.