'The capacity to withstand and recover quickly from difficulties.’

Women in tech have been demonstrating the meaning of resilience since long before the pandemic. Our belief is that resilient team members from diverse backgrounds, building and implementing resilient tech, for resilient businesses, is the key to driving the tech sector forward successfully and we demand that women are at the forefront of the post-pandemic iteration of the industry. As such, it is our mission to support the Women of Silicon Roundabout community with the very best possible content and connections to help our audience, through the power of resilience, to redefine what it means to be a woman in tech in 2022.


These sessions help you discover how businesses are rebuilding for resilience by providing insight into the ever evolving priorities for tech leadership as they tackle digital transformation, skills gaps, digital workplaces and customer centricity.



Digital focussed, these sessions explore the trends and technologies powering the products and services of the future, helping to build capacity for business efficiency and resilience across workplaces and customer centricity.



Skills focussed, these sessions will give you insights on the skills needed to be more effective in your role, your team and your career. Learn about navigating new working environments, new fields and techniques to build a resilient and adaptable career.


The Exhibition

The Women of Silicon Roundabout conference has been bringing the best content to the UK women in tech community since 2016, and this year we are super exited to deliver a unique exhibition alongside the conference, to maximise your experience.

With the latest tech on display, immersive experiences, career / business opportunities and endless networking, the Women of Silicon Roundabout Exhibition is the perfect accompaniment to the presentations and talks taking place in the conference.

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Featuring 3 Industry Zones

Designed to provide you with industry specific insight, visit our industry zones and you’ll meet the change makers and innovators from the companies progressing the industry. You'll leave with new connections and the freshest insight into the UK's fastest growing industries.

The UK’s Fintech revolution is surging, with an ongoing rise from fresh start-ups and banks responding with big shifts to digital. Hear from the leaders and innovators accelerating trends in banking, payments and investment.conceptions of technology adoption and implementation

The UK's eCommerce market is booming. Explore the innovation and tech that’s powering the industry. Hear from the disruptors and titans powering the eCommerce ecosystem and discover how to build on the momentum to stay competitive.conceptions of technology implementation

Rapid digital transformations and IT investment are key priorities for 2022. With more technology choices to make than ever before, it’s time to cut through the noise. Immerse yourself in the companies developing the UK's Tech sector to future proof your business and career.


Conference Stages

Get inspired and think big! The future impact stage brings the best in industry to generate a shift in thinking for all. Discuss what the future looks like & immerse yourself in progressive ideas, futuristic conceptions of technology adoption and implementation.

Get a plan together! In order to implement resilience into your career, business and your tech adoption, futureproof planning is needed. This stage will allow delegates to create concise and resilient plans into building desired careers and creating more sustainable and resilient business plans not only for your teams but yourself too. This programme is designed to help attendees plan and be successful in new and shifting digital environments.

Get going and implement! Organisations have had to constantly alter their operations over the previous 18 months. Now it's all about regaining resilience and keeping the gas pedal pressed down until 2023. This stage will advise delegates on how to effectively optimise implementation plans to create new procedures or business growth technology successful, and so on.


40+ Strategic Workshops provide you with the opportunity to get hands on and deep dive into soft and technical topics in a more intimate environment. Develop your skills through interaction and practical activities.

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