Covid Secure Venue & Event

The Intercontinental O2 is a certified COVID venue. Your journey may look and feel slightly different with enchanced hygiene and safety measures that meet Government Guidelines.
You’ll notice more frequent cleaning of high-touch areas at our event, as well as hand sanitising stations and signage encouraging everyone to regularly wash and disinfect their hands.
We are minimising the number of touchpoints and we will have reminders to maintain physical distancing where necessary.
We are asking everyone to avoid handshakes in favour of non-contact greetings and reducing the need to queue by staggering admission times and updating floor plans. One way systems will also be adopted in high traffic areas - ensuring you can move through the event safely and confidently.
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Working closely with Goverment Guidelines

Our first priority in bringing Women in Silicon Roundabout back in-person will be to work closely with local government and authorities. The event will be planned carefully in accordance with local advice and guidelines.

Limited Capacity

In line with Goverment Guidelines, the event will run on a limited capacity. Please note: this is in line with current guidelines and could be subject to change or increase as we get closer to the date of the event.


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