How do I register?  
What will you send me once I have registered?  
Where can I get the conference programme information?  
Will the presentations be available to view after the show?  
Where can I get a list of exhibiting companies?  
Can I book hotel accommodation through you?  
Can I bring my children?   
Are students allowed access?  
What is the schedule for the day of the event?  
I work for a charity/ non-profit organisation, can I receive a discount on my ticket?  
I can no longer attend the event, can I receive a refund?  
Can I sign up to workshops?  
I am no longer available to attend the event, can I transfer my ticket to someone else?  
Is there a dress code?  
Will food be provided?  
Is there disabled access?  
Is there a prayer room?  
Where are the baby changing facilities?