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Define the next generation of tech start-ups

Launchpad is a ground-breaking incubator, creating a wide gamut of high-growth start-ups. Our founders work on demand-based challenges provided by market leaders such as Sony Computer Entertainment, Amazon, BBC Worldwide and the NHS. They are supported by experienced coaches and mentors to create an in-demand, cutting edge solution that investors want to buy into.

We follow a four-step model to build new tech startups:

1. Markets: Working with strategic partners who identify market gaps, we create challenges to be solved.

2. Team: We recruit entrepreneurs; those skilled in business development, software engineering and digital creative disciplines to form complementary, high-performance teams of 4.

3. Pivot: Working initially with three challenges, the teams select and develop a product and business that provides the best market opportunity, and can be delivered to an investible prototype within the first year.

4. Launch: The teams incorporate into companies, secure investment and accelerate.

If you are part of a business that can see the value of having fresh, creative entrepreneurial minds applying their skills to challenges in your industry, then we are keen to hear from you. Get in touch with Jo Banks to find out more.

Perhaps you are interested in starting your own company, but don’t have a viable business idea, or haven’t got a good team around you? Meet us or get in touch to find out more about substantial financial support, a no-fees MA in Entrepreneurship, and the opportunity to build your own future.