Technical Talks

Adding skills to your technical arsenal often features at the top of the agenda for technical professionals. However, identifying thought-leadership-driven content that supports the development of core technical capabilities in line with the latest industry advancements are hard to come by. 

Women of Silicon Roundabout has consistently delivered an unrivaled content offering for technical professionals, from software development frameworks to next-gen connectivity, to cybersecurity management. Join us and gain exposure to technical minds that have played a pivotal role in shaping the industry, to learn how to advance and master your technical expertise. 

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Career Development

How do you start planning for your tomorrow job, today? For both techies and non-technical women in tech, it is often challenging to gain access to proven career hacks that support upward progression and the pursuit of goals. 

Hear from industry heavyweights, who have successfully navigated their way through the sometimes uncompromising tech industry, as they share the blueprint to making yourself an indispensable asset to any workforce.


Business Transformation

Business leaders and employees, alike, are looking at the nature of work through a very different set of eyes than they did 12 months ago. Lines between home and work lives have been forever blurred as the notion of remote work has transitioned from an employee perk to an almost-permanent everyday reality. 

As we begin to emerge from the global pandemic, people managers are now dedicating more time to evaluating how their teams function to nurture high performing environments. Gain access to an action-orientated roadmap to put the wheels in motion to administer a working environment that supports business goals and provides value. 


Diversity & Inclusion

Public discourse supporting marginalised groups has played a crucial role in mobilising advocates and securing champions for diverse communities and groups. Now is the time to respond, not with passive empathy, but as an active ally for your black colleagues, Womxn in Tech, the LGBTQA+ community, and all those who continue to face discrimination. 

By coming together, we can consolidate our efforts to ignite change to work in harmony as we give rise to a new era that tackles the tough conversations head-on for a fairer working world. 

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