The Tech Sessions

Adding skills to your technical arsenal naturally features at the top of the agenda for technical professionals.

The technical talks track will support the development of your core technical capabilities in line with the latest industry advancements.

Topics Include:

o Data 2030

o Cloud Strategies

o Software Development & Design

o Digital Carbon Footprint

o Artificial Intelligence

o Emerging Technologies

o Cyber Security Management


Business Evolution

In this track you’ll discover how the need for transformation has accelerated as business’ needs have changed in response to the global pandemic.

You’ll learn how you can improve processes, how new technologies can be implemented and the positive impact this can bring.

Topics Include:

o Post-Pandemic Strategies

o Future of Work

o Digital Transformation

o Entrepreneurship

o Unlocking Business Potential

o Operational Excellence

o Hybrid-Working


Diversity & Inclusion

Learn how you can apply D&I best practices to your organisation and understand the positive impact on both the individual and the companies bottom line as we strive to create an inclusive industry.

Topics Include:

o Race & Ethnicity

o Allyship Initiatives


o Attracting Diverse Talent

o Black Lives Matter Movement

o Intersectionality

o Inclusive Leadership

Day One_Speakers Rooms_Navin-92

Career Progression

For both techies and non-technical women in tech, it is often challenging to gain access to proven career hacks that support upward progression and the pursuit of individual goals.

If you're looking for the definitive playbook to advance your career, look no further than the Career Development track.

Topics Include:

o Technical Leadership

o Non-Technical Women in Tech

o Soft Skills

o Career Advancement

o Women in Tech Leadership

o Mentorship & Sponsorship

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