Data Analytics for Reliable Business Decisions

What does it take to make reliable business decisions? Knowledge. Nowadays knowledge means collecting, mining, and analyzing the huge quantity of heterogeneous data coming from different sources. Any decision-making progress is more accurate and less uncertain if it is based on data. Nevertheless, quite often managers are overwhelmed by the excessive quantity of information and they struggle to understand their impact and prioritize their importance. With well defined KPIs and data aligned with the goals, data analytics provides valued information on the evolution of the company in recent months about the objectives, the current situation, trend analysis, or even, predictions for the following months.

Webinar Outline:

  • Data and Knowledge are not the same
  • Everything starts with a question (on a KPI)
  • Data Analytics is a business process
Who is this Webinar perfect for: 
Mid to senior managers that want to know how data analytics can improve their business performance and provide sustained competitive advantages

Date: Thursday 30 July

Time: 13:30 – 14:30 BST

Presented By

Maria Dolores Perez Garcia-Estañ

Head of Data Insights and Analytics @ Abtran

Maria-Dolores Perez is the Head of Data Insights and Analytics in Abtran, a global leading provider of Customer and Business Management solutions. She turns raw data into valuable information to support senior management in their strategic decision-making process. Maria has developed a long and wide experience in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning, helping companies from all around the world to collect, mine, manage and analyze data to improve service quality, business performance and to develop a sustained competitive advantage. Maria spent the last 20 years managing high performers' team in the IT industry. She is a Computer Engineer with a master’s degree in IT management, born in Spain and moved to Ireland to enhance her global vision and experience.


Areas of Expertise: Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, supporting decision making