How Should Brands Communicate in Changing Environments Like Today

Whether it’s a crisis, post-crisis, a global or local happening, it requires pivoting. It requires businesses to get stretched; it requires speed. As the pandemic began to sweep across the world, many organizations watched it in horror. Some of them realized, tomorrow would be nothing like “business as usual” and everything in the company’s business strategy - marketing, sales, supply chain and other plans would need to be rethought. Change is everywhere. The pandemic together with lockdown & social distancing are likely to fundamentally change how we think, behave, and consume, in both the short term as we navigate the crisis and beyond. There is a new normal from the consumer perspective. We will all have a new sense of realization. And we as consumers are looking for the new added VALUE from the brands we used to be loyal to and are looking for the new ones we share common values. Businesses need to be a step ahead & be sure what consumers are expecting from them. There are many opportunities out there. 

Webinar Outline:

  • What is a bridge between you and your customers
  • How to anticipate changes in your customer's behaviour and identify what your customer’s needs are
  • The notion of over-communication

Who is this Webinar perfect for?

  • Entrepreneurs and organizations leaders who are looking for the ways to normalize their businesses
  • Everyone - ranging from business managers to marketing and brand managers within larger organizations
  • People who are planning to launch, are launching or re-launching their businesses

Date: Thursday 9 July

Time: 15:00 – 16:00 BST

Presented By

Lily Smirnova

Global Marketing Director @ Avenga

Lily Smirnova is a passionate marketing enthusiast and a creative mind with over 10-year experience in the tech field. Lily holds a position of Global Marketing Director and runs a B2B marketing practice focused on enterprise businesses at Avenga, a multi-million IT and digital transformation company, and is a marketing & brand advisor to startups. She is a repetitive speaker and trainer and contributes to the community of #WomenInTech in her region while mentoring the younger generation. Currently, Lily is developing a platform that gets together women and mentors, Women of Fortune.