Navigating a Career Change Into Tech

It’s 2020 and the likelihood of people having the same career for their entire working life is fading into the past. On average people change career 6 times, as technology continues to evolve that number is likely to increase further. Career change, is something we should learn to embrace as career progression. When I left my secure job as a teacher to work for facebook, many people asked me, "how is such a change possible? It's such a different environment." My answer remains the same, anyone can learn how to adapt their skills to follow their passions and progress into the next stage of their careers, it's no longer about qualifications, it's all about transferable skills.

Webinar Outline:

  • Identify your goals and objectives
  • Examine your transferable skills and build on your previous work experience
  • Assess the best methods of upskilling, training and further education
  • Learn how to adapt your skills and create maximum impact in by playing to your strengths

Who is this Webinar perfect for:

  • People thinking of changing career, starting a business or continuing with their education
  • Management looking for ideas on creating diverse skillset teams and how to attract the best candidates
  • Everyone adapting to the online work environment post covid 19

Date: Wednesday 15 July

Time: 13:30 – 14:30 BST

Presented By

Steffi Singh

Global Security Regional Data Center, Project Coordinator EMEA & APAC @ Milestone Tech

Steffi Singh is an educator, solopreneur and author. She focuses on education reform and women’s empowerment initiatives, additionally she is a WHIS Expert Group Member for Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment, a program that is dedicated to implementing the UN sustainable development goals. She also founded Irish Wanderer a blog that shares information on; education, career change and tips for wellness.

Currently the Regional Security Project Coordinator for facebook Global Security Data Centers EMEA & APAC (Milestone Tech). She is a qualified secondary school teacher with almost a decade’s teaching experience in Ireland and the UK.  She featured in the 2018 Irish television documentary series ‘Stressed’ which examined the impact of burnout on the body. The show was the highest rated science series in Irish television history.

She advocates for digitalization and global education reform. Her articles regularly feature in Irish national newspapers. As a solopreneur, she runs online seminars on digital transformation and career change.

She has worked as a consultant with many companies across Ireland, the US and India to improve communication techniques and eLearning programs.  She is the author of an upcoming book about the power of education to create pivotal change. 

Areas of Expertise: Education, Career Change, Writing, eLearning, Security, Project Management, Wellbeing, Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment