Team Management as learned from the back of a dog sled

Team Management as learned from the back of a dog sled

Over a decade spent running dogs in the Canadian winters showed that the success of each run was founded in knowing each dog – its personality, its strengths, its skills in the team.  The placement of each dog can make – or break – the outcome of a run. Get it wrong – it could be life-threatening. Get it right – it brings success and satisfaction that makes everyone a winner.

The lessons learned from the back of the dog sled have served well in managing global tech teams. Success on the team – as with success on the trail – depends on knowing each team member, their personalities and related strengths, how their position on the team is best leveraged, and how the team pulls together when faced with unexpected challenges and changes that we encounter throughout our working lives.

Webinar Overview

Anecdotal stories and awareness of the most widely accepted personality evaluation team management tools available today.

Learn how your personality impacts the roles that suit you best and how that, in turn, brings success to you and your teams.

Direction to the most widely accepted tools available today for personal and team evaluations and management will be provided so you can get started in bringing your ‘best self’ to your ‘best role’ while creating your ‘best team’.

Date: Friday 10 July

Time: 15:30 – 16:30 BST

Presented By

Joanne Thurlow

Head of IT Solutions @ Siemens Energy

Joanne’s career began in Canada and has spanned multiple roles, organizations, and countries with many challenges and rewards on route.  Through creative problem solving and inspiring leadership, she commits to delivering beyond expectations by finding the right solution, at the right time with maximum efficiency.

Working with global teams, Joanne understands the key to success is the empowerment of each team member. Her ability to recognize and develop an individual’s highest potential value add has ensured continuous success over the years, for the team and for the business. Joanne recognizes that all are ‘Possibility in Progress’.