The Modern Security Threat, the evolving threat in Cybersecurity

The Modern Security threat is constantly evolving. The Cyberthreats of the past are still there, but there are new threats that we did not see in the past presenting themselves. These modern threats present an opportunity to upskill or reskill your environment. This gives woman an opportunity to enter the cyber field and meet the skill gap.

Webinar Outline:

  • An update on the Modern Security threats
  • The evolution of Cybersecurity – how is the threat changing?
  • Understanding the current challenges facing organizations regarding cybersecurity & how digital transformation has accelerated this challenge
  • What is the current skill gap in cybersecurity and how can organizations pivot to address the gap?
  • Exploring the opportunities for women to join the Cybersecurity field to meet the changing threat and reduce the skill gap

Who is this Webinar perfect for:  

  • Women in Tech or anyone interested in Cybersecurity.

Date: Thursday 23 July

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 PT

Presented By

Stacy Tatem

Partner Account Manager @ Microsoft

Stacy Tatem serves as the North American Partner Account Manager for Microsoft.  In her role, Ms. Tatem works with the North American Partner Channel working on developing cybersecurity training awareness and supporting partners to increase training opportunities within the partner channel.

Currently, Ms. Tatem is participating in the group Mentor & Mentee Women in Cybersecurity where she works to increase diversity in Cybersecurity and mentor women in leadership development. She is the Social Ambassador with Women in Cloud and acts as and advisor to entrepreneurs in the Women in Cloud Accelerator program. Her goal is to increase diversity in technology by bringing access and increasing training opportunities in areas such as Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. She speaks at conferences and on panels to increase awareness for the need for continuous learning and diversity to offset risk and increase revenue

Ms. Tatem is a seasoned, technology leader with over 15 years of experience in technology, channel, operations, cybersecurity, consulting, and risk assessment services in both the government and commercial sectors. Prior to her current role Ms. Tatem worked at Oracle providing Risk Assessments for clients to understand security needs and strategies to offset risk. Ms. Tatem has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Boston University.