The Pivot Point, Career Change in Time of Uncertainty

The world around us is changing at the highest rate as ever. The technology increased the pace of our lives and as people working in the tech industry, we feel this even more than others. We constantly have to learn, keep up with new technologies, frameworks, programming languages, libraries, and many other things, even emojis.

We are all running to keep with all these changes and most of us, at some point in time, will get tired and bored with our jobs. We just need something different, something new. Something to push further the point we are. We end up talking to recruiters and looking for the next star position in a start company. We look for an upgrade, a change, and something different. We keep asking ourselves “what’s next?”

If you ever felt this way, or you are feeling this way now, I am telling you that you reach your pivot point.

Most of us when we reach the pivot point we rely on our passion. What do we like to do? What does excite us the most? But, should the passion drive us? Or should we drive our passion?

Webinar Outline:

  • How to deal with uncertainty during career change
  • How to choose a path that suits us
  • How to handle career change in any situation even a pandemic

Date: Thursday 30 July

Time: 17:30 – 18:30 BST 09:30 – 10:30 PT

Presented By

Nazanin Delam

Senior Software Engineer @ Netflix

Nazanin Delam is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Nazanin is passionate about computer programming, soft skills, and women empowerment. At Netflix, she works on UI features on the WEB to enhance user experience across devices. Prior to Netflix, she worked in the Finance industry as a Software Architect for four years.

Nazanin is dedicated to advancing the role of women in engineering. She volunteers with Hour of Code Teaching high school girls how to code and serves as a member of Women Who Code and Women Tech Makers to mentor engineers.

Twitter: NazDelam
LinkedIn: Nazanin Delam

Areas of Expertise: UI Engineering, Image Processing, Data Analysis