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Celebrating Women at Zalando

At Zalando, diversity is an important part of our culture, and ensuring that women are recognized and valued is an important part of this.


But we’re constantly working on being better. Numerous studies have shown that women’s achievements are often overlooked and undervalued in the workplace, and so we decided to do something about it by launching our Celebrate Her campaign.

Celebrate Her is an internal initiative celebrating Women’s History Month, where employees can nominate their colleagues and shine a light on some of the great work they’re doing. The aim of the campaign is to help people overcome gender bias, and to highlight the contributions and achievements of women across the company.

This year was the first time we ran the campaign, and we were very surprised by the enthusiasm and excitement around it. We had over 1,000 views on the internal announcement for the campaign, and we received over 250 nominations. The number of nominations was more than we expected, and we had to work hard to manage the volume – it was really exciting. The immense interest in the campaign clearly shows that, when given the opportunity, our employees (known internally as “Zalandos”) feel very passionate about acknowledging the work of their female colleagues!

Do you have plans to expand this in the future?

We will continue to plan campaigns and events around International Women’s Day every year, as this is an important date for our dedicated Diversity Guild. We also plan events for Christopher Street Day and Diversity Day. Our main tasks are to create inclusion and awareness at Zalando. Online campaigns grow quickly and reach out to people, which in turn helps us fulfil our intentions. 

Why is Celebrate Her important to Zalando?

At Zalando, even though we regularly recognize the accomplishments of our colleagues, we don’t always have an opportunity to publicly celebrate them. This campaign created more visibility around colleagues and their work, and – we like to believe – brought 250 smiles to the nominees faces. We hope this encourages a culture of celebrating the accomplishments of our colleagues, not just during a special campaign, but all the time. 

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