ITV at Women of Silicon Roundabout - where will your career take you?

September 14, 2016 | Lisa Thompson

You’re aspiring to work in Technology. Maybe you are considering a new role within this sector. Your CV is looking sharp. You know what you want to do. Where do you look? Microsoft? Apple? Potentially yes, but why not look outside the box. Though ITV may not be the first tech company on your list of potential employers, it boasts a hub of technology activity with creative and innovative teams at its heart.

Our technology department has over 350 employees, with lots of potential vacancies!

38% of our tech colleagues are women, which is above the average of 30% according to recent studies. We have an average of 47% of women applying for the jobs that come up in our technology departments. Great numbers! And from this, we want to encourage more women to join our friendly and exciting organisation. How many people can say that they were responsible for broadcasting to millions of people across the Globe? This could be you!

We are so proud of the fantastic people who create such inspiring content for the viewing public. There are many sections of technology that make up our various teams. Two of our women in technology have kindly offered their experience and advice:

Zoe Carter is an example of a brilliant ITV success story. She began her career at ITV as a procurement manager before progressing to the world of Broadcast Operations:

“After two years of getting to know the company and working on relationships with stakeholders and peers, I knew ITV was where I wanted to develop my career.”

Zoe was nominated for ITV’s Developing Future Leaders (DFL) course, “The combination of a mentor and the course really helped me understand the company,” says Zoe.

“I wanted to get stuck into what I see as the heartbeat of ITV - Broadcast Operations. The wheels are constantly turning to make sure our shows get to air,” says Zoe. She now manages the Media Logistics, Media Transfer and Connectivity teams, who make sure our programmes are delivered correctly and get to air.

We asked Zoe what advice she has for anyone thinking of joining ITV in our technology departments?

“The sky's the limit, don't hold yourself back and don't think twice about being a woman in technology as it is an equal playing field.”

equal playing field

Holly Flannagan is ITV’s Head of Rights & Content Sales Technology. We asked Holly how she finds working at ITV as a woman within technology and she happily explained, “I don’t see myself as any different being a woman, within ITV I haven’t seen anybody treated differently based on their gender. It is good to have diversity within the department to see challenges from different perspectives”.

We also asked Holly what advice she has for anyone looking to make the move to ITV Technology, she encourages women to “Be proud of your background, skills and experiences, just because statistics show that women are a minority, it doesn’t mean that you have to act like a man or change your ways of working. Be proud of what you bring to the table”.

Bring to the table

If you are interested in working for one of the most talked about companies in the UK, why not check out our Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Faz Aftab, who will be a guest speaker at Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016, or join us in our CV and career building workshop in the afternoon breakout sessions.