Meet Deliveroo

October 26, 2021 | Women of Silicon Roundabout



We're super-excited to have Deliveroo as our headline sponsor at Women of Silicon Roundabout. We spoke to them about why they decided to get involved in this year's event.

Read on to find out more about Deliveroo and the incredible speakers that will be taking to the stage at Women of Silicon Roundabout.


Why did you choose to be involved in this event?

We were really keen to be involved in the Women of Silicon Roundabout for a number of reasons. Deliveroo is a large and growing tech employer and we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to attract potential employees from under-represented groups within tech so our workforce is as diverse and inclusive as the demographic of consumers that we serve. Part of that commitment includes a responsibility to empower women in tech and contribute, where we can, to creating a more diverse tech industry. Sponsoring initiatives, such as Women of Silicon Roundabout, as well as taking up opportunities to collaborate with and learn from other companies and DEI advocates both play an important role in delivering on that responsibility. 

We’re incredibly pleased that two of our Directors of Data Science - Mahana Mansfield and Ela Osterberger - will be able to speak at the conference to share lessons learnt from our own recent scaling efforts as well as members of our tech team having the opportunity to attend workshops, talk about their work and learn from others over the course of the event. 

Why is DEI important to Deliveroo and what company and initiatives are proud of?

Deliveroo has always had DEI advocates across all corners of the business, from Recruitment & People Ops through to Engineering & Data Science. 2021 in particular has been a pivotal year for us with regard to DEI, as we've begun to build out a central DEI team, unify our efforts and tell our story publiclly. We're passionate about creating a more equitable marketplace for our customers, restaurants and riders, and a more inclusive workplace for our talented teams across the world.

It's time to meet the speakers joining us from Deliveroo


Mahana Mansfield

Data Science Director @ Deliveroo

I always thought I’d be a mathematician, but turned to data science in 2011 shortly after finishing my PhD in algebraic topology. Since then I’ve had great fun doing data science and latterly leading data science teams. When I’m not doing data science, you can probably find me on the judo mat, in the gym trying to improve my Olympic lifting, or playing with my 2-year-old son.

Ela Osterberger

Data Science Director @ Deliveroo

Ela heads up the Data Science team at Deliveroo. Prior to exploring data on rider routes and dim sum, she ran a data team at the Guardian. Outside of work, Ela enjoys baking (and eating) cakes, encouraging her kids to speak Austrian slang, and bike rides. She is passionate about developing Data Scientists and creating an inclusive work environment.

Keynote Session:

How To Scale at Pace in A Battle For Talent

9am, Monday 1st November

Going through a recent rapid hiring period, we have had to quickly learn a number of tough lessons about hiring at scale. We wanted to share these lessons to help others improve their hiring processes, and create a world where recruiting has positive outcomes for companies and candidates.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Why hiring is the most important thing you can do
  • Why a strong employer brand is the key to success
  • Why you first need to think about existing employees
  • When you should adapt to survive
  • Why you should build what the company needs
  • How to grow your own talent
  • Why you should make recruiting a part of your leadership team
  • Why a good candidate experience is important regardless of the outcome


Matleen Makko-Boronad

Data Science Manager @ Deliveroo

Matleen is a Senior Data Science Manager at Deliveroo. She has nearly 10 years of experience in the data science space, 3 of those managing multiple data science teams at Deliveroo. Her key focus over the past year has been on experimentation and building out experimentation platform to scale and improve the way we run and analyse experiments at Deliveroo. She's an advocate for rapid experimentation and the value it brings to product development.


Jamie Edgecombe

Staff Data Scientist @ Deliveroo

Jamie joined a small team of of analysts and data scientists at Deliveroo nearly 5 years ago and has been part of its growth to one of the largest Data Science teams in Europe. Currently on the Experimentation Platform team, he enjoys evangelising experimentation best practices across Deliveroo and working with the business on some of the more thorny measurement settings.


Haiming Zhao

Software Engineer @ Deliveroo

Haiming is a software engineer on the experimentation platform team at Deliveroo, working on building and optimising back-end services for the experimentation platform. She has a background in Computer Science and obtained MSc Data Analytics from University of Warwick in 2016, and worked on a research project for time-series data pattern mining which later got published. She has been a software engineer since and mainly developed in Java, Javascript and now joining the Ruby/Go world in Deliveroo.

WOSR21_Jack_Blundell -01

Jack Blundell

Data Scientist @ Deliveroo

Jack is a data scientist on the experimentation platform team at Deliveroo, spending his day-to-day building experimentation capacity across the company, advising teams on experiment design and analysis and developing our internal tooling. Before joining Deliveroo in April, Jack completed a PhD in Economics at Stanford University, where his main research area was the effect of pay gap transparency on the gender pay gap.

What Do You Get If You Cross an Elephant With A Fish? Some Experimentation Fundamentals

14:10, Monday 1st November

In tech, experimentation is usually the preferred way to understand which features work best. Without effective experiment design the value can be lost and we increase our chances of drawing incorrect conclusions.

This workshop will conduct a live randomised experiment that will illustrate experimentation fundamentals and relate them to Deliveroo’s context. We will also outline the tech stack used to power Deliveroo’s Experimentation Platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is an experiment? (and what isn’t)
  • What is a “power calc”; and how to reason about your “MDE”
  • What is SUTVA and should we treat it seriously?

This session is for…

You if you are interested in learning more about experimentation and you’re relatively early on that journey (or even totally new!)

The activity will be in the form of an interactive presentation. The hosts will go through a slide deck, as well as conduct a live experiment, with opportunity for Q&A throughout.

Important! Please ensure you are connected to the event WIFI to participate in the workshop as you will need to submit questions and answers via an interactive online website