Meet the team from bp

October 26, 2021 | Women of Silicon Roundabout

favWe're incredible pleased to be welcoming the team from bp to the stage of Women of Silicon Roundabout. 

Read on to find out more about the speakers and the sessions they'll be delivering.



Lilybeth Go:

VP for Data & Analytic Platforms @ bp

Lilybeth Go is bp’s VP for Data & Analytic Platforms, leading a team that provides the technology and services which connect bp with the world’s data, enabling the company to make data-driven decisions crucial to the energy transition. Over 11 years at bp, she has held a variety of roles across the business – from a chief architect in bp Trading, to IT director for artificial intelligence. Abeth’s ambition is for her team to become the recognised industry leaders in the digital and data space, allowing everybody in bp to use data in meaningful and impactful ways.

Fun Fact: I do not know how to drive and rely on public transport or carpooling. I cannot wait for driverless cars to become safe and reliable.

Biggest challenge in my tech career:  A very personal and constant struggle for me is how to be a better leader in technology – ensuring that I am constantly learning to keep my knowledge and skills relevant, and investing time in building and enabling high performing individuals and teams.


Elinor Doubell:

VP, Digital Science @ bp

Elinor Doubell is Vice President Digital Science in bp’s digital science and engineering team and is responsible for exploring emerging digital technology innovation in areas including robotics, cyber security, nano technology and additive manufacturing. 

Elinor has 25+ years of technology experience across sectors including manufacturing, B2B and exploration & production. Since her move to bp in 2004, Elinor has led global processes and data transformations in her roles as business process improvement lead for Castrol and B2B pricing transformation lead.

Before joining the digital science and engineering team, Elinor was responsible for production and operations data initiatives including programs to introduce enterprise search and data democratization innovations. 

Elinor has served as a board member and then chairperson of the board of directors for Energistics, an industry consortium dedicated to industry data standards and was a finalist in the ‘data leader of the year’ category at the Women in IT awards 2019.

Elinor is a chartered physicist with a bachelor’s degree in Physics with French from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and the Université de Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

A fun fact about yourself (a career highlight or a personal hobby)​.

One of my hobbies is garden design – I got into this a bit by accident thinking it would be a good outdoor activity when in fact most time is spent indoors designing. Then I realized how important being around plants is for our wellbeing and I was hooked!

The biggest challenge you’ve faced in your tech career

Global transformation programs are challenging as they are complex. My favourite is a global pricing initiative I led to develop a very early pricing tool. But more challenging to me is overcoming self-doubt. So going for and getting my current role when I doubted my own capability is most satisfying.


Franziska Bell

VP, Data and Analytics @ bp

Dr. Franziska Bell is the Vice President, Data and Analytics at bp. She heads the data & analytics discipline which is comprised of data science, AI, data engineering, data management and data analytics and is responsible for setting the data & analytics strategy for bp.

Before joining bp, Fran was an executive at Toyota Research Institute, where she focused on two areas: (i) novel battery and fuel cell materials using AI and computational chemistry for a low-emission future and (ii) a human-centered AI.

Previously, Fran was the head of data science platforms at Uber. At Uber, Fran founded and built several digital platform teams with the mission to transform anyone in the company into a data scientist at a push-of-a-button. 

Before Uber, Fran was a postdoc at Caltech where she developed a novel, highly accurate approximate quantum molecular dynamics theory to calculate chemical reactions for large, complex systems, such as enzymes.

Fran earned her Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry from UC Berkeley focusing on developing highly accurate, yet computationally efficient approaches which helped unravel the mechanism of non-silicon-based solar cells and properties of organic conductors.


Mariza Fotiou

VP, Digital Product Ownership & Design @ bp

Mariza works as Vice President of Digital Product Ownership & Design in bp, London UK. She has held various managerial roles during her career and spent many years within HSBC Private Bank in NY and London, eventually leaving as the Digital COO. With over 15 years of experience, Mariza is passionate about Digital and believes strongly in the ever growing industry demand. She is a Mental Health champion in her professional community and a supporter of diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, to give back to her community and home country of Greece, she recently founded CuriousIQ, an NGO with the vision of providing digital education to underprivileged groups to give them the opportunity to join the ever expanding tech industry.

Don’t miss the insightful sessions delivered by the team at bp at Women Of Silicon Roundabout

Organising And Scaling For AI Success

1st November, 0930

As the energy transition accelerates, the role of data science applications and data engineering will become even more critical. Right now, many energy companies and organizations struggle to productionize, scale and derive value from AI. But there are organizational designs, production strategies and scaling approaches that can greatly increase the number of data science and engineering projects that drive business value. 

From sharpening data science competencies to developing pathways for faster iteration and insight gathering, this keynote speech is your chance to hear from Fran Bell, vice president of data & analytics at bp, about the right culture and technologies required to ensure that data science projects are successfully launched within the energy industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about how data scientists can become more customer-centric
  • Hear more about design for human-AI collaboration 
  • Learn why it is important for data scientists to become organizationally focussed
  • Understand why speed is crucial for innovation

This session is for...

Those intrigued by the power of AI for tackling organizational inefficiencies

Using Digital Innovation to Rewire the World’s Energy Systems

1st November, 14.10

The world’ s collective carbon budget is finite and running out fast, but energy demand is also accelerating. To get to net zero emissions, the energy industry must be able to develop and harness the latest digital and technological breakthroughs. From data science and analytics, to machine learning and AI, digital has the power to drive positive change, ensure we use resources more responsibly, and enhance sustainability across the industry. But digital transformation is not enough in this session, we will explore what it means to build organisations that rely on digital to disrupt from within, using digital innovation to tackle some of the world's most complex challenges and create workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how digital is powering the energy transition.
  • Hear more about the most exciting digital projects underway at bp, from the women driving them.
  • Listen to some of the energy industry’s disruptors and innovators
  • Learn about opportunities for digital talent to develop and progress.
  • Understand what support should be available to women looking to grow their careers in digital.

This session is for...

Those who are curious about digital innovation and how to grow their careers in digital.