She Can STEM: Google and Microsoft join campaign led by Ad Council

September 11, 2018 | D Cody

She Can Stem Campaign

Google, and Microsoft have partnered with the Ad Council, in order to launch the ‘She can STEM’ campaign, aimed at getting more girls interested in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects and careers.

Studies show that there is a significant drop off in the number of girls studying STEM subjects. This is due to a number of reasons, including a lack of education directed at students in early schooling, and the prevailing stereotype that STEM roles are more suited to men.

The ‘She can STEM’ campaign aims to address these issues head-on. Platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter will show adverts featuring women in STEM roles talking to young girls about what they do, and encouraging them to consider these roles for their future careers. This is in aim to increase representation of women in STEM roles.

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In one advert, Lisa Seacat DeLuca, an IBM engineer, talks a young girl through what she does for a living at the company, working in the internet of things division, and inventing, to which the young girl replies “that’s really cool.” The series of videos produced by the Ad Council also includes Danielle Merfeld, Chief Technology Officer at GE Renewable Energy, and Bonnie Ross, Head of Halo Game Studio, who features in the video below.


There has been positive change recently: the number of girls studying STEM subjects at A-level has increased by almost double in the last five years, according to data released last month. This same data also showed that 20.1% of female students achieved A* or A in computing exams in 2018, compared to 17..9% of male students.

Despite this change, the number of women who continue to study these subjects and enter into the world of STEM is still far less than the number of men. Studies show that only around 15% of STEM roles are occupied by female employees. Additionally, only 5% of leadership positions are held by women in the sector.

The Women in Tech World Series conferences aim to empower more women to achieve their potential in tech, learning from other inspirational women in the industry and gaining practical experience in a number of emerging skill areas.