Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Jenna Prescott, Recruitment Manager @ Expedia Group

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Jenna Prescott speaks to us about her role in the technology sector and shares her thoughts on London’s Women of Silicon Roundabout, taking place 25-26th June 2019.

Jenna Prescott leads tech recruitment globally for two of Expedia Group’s brands; Hotels.com and Expedia Partner Solutions. Previously, she was in tech recruitment at Sky where she began the Women in Tech Meet-up series. Jenna is very passionate about making technology a more diverse and inclusive place for all. In her spare time, Jenna loves to travel (mostly with the intent to try the local food!).  

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you got into the field of recruitment?

I think most people in recruitment will tell you that it was not a planned move coming out of university! However, working for a recruitment agency made me realise what I loved doing was working with people; delighting them with job offers and hard to find top talent. I took that to my first in-house role at Sky where I found my true love – tech recruitment! I think it’s my personal drive and passion that has allowed me to progress within HR functions to today at Expedia where I lead tech recruitment globally for two of Expedia Group’s brands, Hotels.com and Expedia Partner Solutions.

What’s a typical day like for you?

What I love about my job is how varied it is and that means there often is not a typical day! In a day, I will usually be having a catch up with a team member or a business stakeholder, check in on progress and the organisation of my next event, use LinkedIn to source hard to find talent, work with business or HR colleagues on various projects from diversity hiring to referrals and approve today’s posting for our LinkedIn page. Throughout this, I will be keeping up to date with LinkedIn, posting updates and answering many slack messages!

Who is your female tech inspiration? What have they done and why do they inspire you?

I meet amazing female talent in tech who inspire me everyday! However, here I have to mention Phoebe Greig and Misa Ogura who set up Women Driven Development in their spare time to build a community and help move the dial when it comes to women in tech by creating sponsorship opportunities. Expedia Group was lucky enough to host the 2nd ever Women Driven Development Hackathon and it was an absolute pleasure to work with this inspirational couple!


Source: Expedia  

As a recruitment manager, what is your top tip for people who are looking for their next opportunity?

Network! There are so many opportunities now to meet companies in their natural environments so if you think that company could be a great place for your next opportunity, go to their next meet-up, Hackathon, or visit their stand at a conference. This way you can speak to their engineers yourself and ask questions that are important to you. It’s a great way to gain a true insight into company culture!

What is your Women of Silicon Roundabout talk about?

We are talking about diversity recruiting and what actions businesses can take to meet their diversity targets. The key takeaways will be actionable, tactical moves that everyone can use to influence tangible improvements in the diversity and inclusivity of their company.

Expedia at Women of Silicon Roundabout

What advice would you give to women who want to pursue a career in tech?

My advice would be to take any opportunity, stretch yourself, but most of all – do something that you love and are passionate about!

Drive your digital economy at Women of Silicon Roundabout

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You can catch Jenna on Tuesday 25th June at 1:40 pm as part of the panel 'Taking Action Towards Your Diversity Hiring Goals'. With tickets selling out fast, secure your place now.


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