Women of Silicon Roundabout Speaker Powerlist

August 25, 2021 | Ascend Global Media

We’re very proud of our speaker line-ups over the years, having had some of the biggest names in tech speak at our event and Women of Silicon Roundabout 2021 is no different! We’ve highlighted just 5 of the 100+ powerhouse speakers who will be appearing at this year’s...

My Journey to Push for Accessible Hearing Technology

KR Liu, Board of Directors at Consumer Tech Association Foundation, takes us through her personal journey over the past 39 years in pushing for accessible and affordable hearing technology.

Diversity in Technology – A Note from the Producer

I am thrilled to be creating the UK’s first conference dedicated to increasing diversity and equal opportunity within the tech sector! Diversity in Technology, 15th June at 155 Bishopsgate: www.diversity-in-technology.com About this event With uncertainty on the horizon, it...