Speaker Q&A: Michele Wong, Head of Marketing Analytics at Farfetch

September 20, 2021 | Ascend Global Media

Michele Wong, Head of Marketing Analytics at Farfetch, is one of our inspirational speakers joining us at Women of Silicon Roundabout this November. We sat down with her to pick her brain about driving a culture of experimentation, why it’s important and how businesses can...

Women's Equality in the United Kingdom

August 25, 2021 | Ascend Global Media

Moving towards gender equality is not only a moral and social issue; it is also important to future economic growth in the United Kingdom. And gender equality in work necessitates gender equality in society. 

My Diversity is Not Your Flag To Fly

"It has been a growing trend since 2000 - whatever - but in my opinion, the buzzword “diversity” should be put to rest in its grave and left alone." Davina Pancholi-Ifould, founder at rightgig, attended our Women of Silicon Roundabout event last year and gave...

Seven Marathons, Moving to Asia & The Meaning of Diversity: Getting to Know Allison Krill

Alison Krill, Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, talks to us about her biggest risks, what diversity and inclusion means to her role and the best advice she's been given in her professional & personal life

My Journey to Push for Accessible Hearing Technology

KR Liu, Board of Directors at Consumer Tech Association Foundation, takes us through her personal journey over the past 39 years in pushing for accessible and affordable hearing technology.

Bias in the Recruitment Process Breeds Bias in the Workplace

I’m proud to have recently shared the stage with a talented and diverse group of panellists at our Women in Technology Australia event, where Hays hosted a panel session called “Bias in the recruitment process breeds bias in the workplace”. I don’t consider myself a woman...

Raising the Gender Bias Question – Why do Fewer Female Tech Entrepreneurs get Funded?

September 12, 2016 | Meera Raikundalia

When looking at performance statistics of Women-led Tech companies, it is mind-boggling to grasp why women aren’t the first in line to be funded. For example, studies show that Tech companies with a Female Founder performed 63 percent better than those companies with...

Diversity in The Face of Adversity

July 26, 2016 | Maddox Women in Tech

Following the UK's recent vote to leave the European Union, we have been inundated with negative economic forecasts and stark warnings that the UK will lose its position as the financial and technological capital of Europe. There are predictions of a brain drain, of...

Women of Silicon Roundabout is BACK!

June 27, 2016 | Maddox Women in Tech

Following a highly successful launch in January, the Women of Silicon Roundabout series is now preparing for its second instalment in October. Hosting 550+ attendees at Kings Place, in London on the 27th October, this one day, interactive conference is designed to assist in...

Thank You - Women of Silicon Roundabout

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our fantastic speakers, attendees, event sponsors and partners of Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016 #WinTec16

Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016 is delighted to be working with Thoughtworks

January 26, 2016 | Maddox Women in Tech

ThoughtWorks is a global software company and community of passionate, purpose-led individuals. We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients’ toughest challenges, all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change....

Welcoming Rebecca Muir, Head of Research & Analysis, ExchangeWire, as Chairperson of Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016

January 20, 2016 | Maddox Women in Tech

We delighted to welcome Rebecca Muir, Head of Research & Analysis at ExchangeWire, as the Chairperson of Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016. Rebecca is a a leading #womenintech and we a delighted to have her involved. ExchangeWire have written the following pre-conference...