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Our clients and partners Stack Overflow are hosting a week long series of events from Monday 25th April to Friday 29th April on diversity in tech and the importance of the developer role in an organisation.

We will be joining them on Monday 25th April through Friday 29th to look at diversity in the tech sector and the role of a developer in an organisation.

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I’d like to invite you to have a look in particular at the events on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th next week.

Tuesday 26th April

Why Place Developers at the Core of your Organisation?

Take your business a step further. Develop cross-functional groups and build an autonomous engineering culture.
Headline Sponsor, ThoughtWorks

What can you expect?

The growing demand and limited supply of tech talent is placing immense pressure on organisations. In order to strengthen your business you need to structure your engineering teams and keep them engaged. We’ll host a panel discussion to look at why it's important to place developers at the core of your business.

Speakers include The Guardian, Lyst and Transferwise.

Wednesday 27th April

Advancing Women in Technology

Discover why there is a problem getting women into tech leadership roles and find out the best practices your organisation can put in place to make a positive change. Headline Sponsor, ThoughtWorks

What can you expect?

It’s not news to anyone that there’s a shortage of women in tech. But why is it that women already in this industry struggle to reach a leadership position? We'll kick off the event with Meri Williams, Head of Engineering at M&S keynote presentation followed by a panel discussion with other leading figures in the tech world.

Speakers include TripAdvisor, Skyscanner and Code First: Girls.

If you’d like to join please feel free to email us at or sign up online.

All of the events will be taking place at Stack Exchange, 2nd Floor, 168-172 Bentima House, Old Street, EC1V 9BP.

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