Thank You - Women of Silicon Roundabout

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our fantastic speakers, attendees, event sponsors and partners of Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016 #WinTec16


It was a truly awesome day and I would like to personally thank every single person involved from the venue and the Maddox Team to the speakers and chairs for the day. We wanted to create a platform for the entire women in tech ecosystem to come together to discuss the real-world challenges facing women wishing to pursue a career in tech and to drive insight into how to increase chances of success in this sector. I believe this was achieved, but don’t take my word for it! I want to share some of the feedback and things to build on for October.

Some of the facts:

53 speakers | 290 in attendance | 11 sponsors | 8 media partners
90% of our feedback rated the conference Good to Excellent
Content (average rating): 7.5 / 10
86% of attendees would recommend this conference to others

What we will continue to build upon for October:

"All the talks/workshop for the sessions that I attended are great. It's a really inspirational event. The content was good and the atmosphere was great." (KPMG)

"Excellent overall experience. Great panels and talks, each giving valuable information about the situation of women in tech and how to improve the gender gap."(University of Westminster)

"An ideal opportunity to network and learn from the experience of others. I learnt about some of the challenges other women have faced in their careers and I came away with several tips on how to overcome them."(BP)

"Great forum for women and men to discuss the issues surrounding gender equality in the work place and how we can strive to break down barriers. It was interesting to hear others stories of the challenges, obstacles, stigma and discrimination that is still prevalent, and inspiring to hear how they have been overcome." (Sky)

"We need a lot more great events like Women of Silicon Roundabout to promote women in technology. It is fantastic opportunity to network and learn new skills!"(Qualcomm)

And some things to take on board…

More technical talks – we shall be introducing focused sessions in October (here’s a snippet)

- Data Science
- Cyber Security
- Infrastructure
- Soft skills needed for career development
- Agile / Scum methodologies

Venue – as a launch event it did exceed our expectations – and therefore we will be holding #WinTec16 round 2 in a larger venue to accommodate our audience

More time for questions – with a more concentrated agenda we should be able to incorporate an extra 5 minutes for questions and an extra 5 minutes to move to the next session should you so wish!

Focus of the event – our focus is always on the content, however we do appreciate some sessions were more popular than others and we have taken note of this. We wish to expand and increase on some areas and the 2nd installment will allow each track to have a set focus. This is an open and public event to which everyone is welcome!

We look forward to developing the next #WinTec16 and hope to stay in touch with our fantastic community until then!

Feel free to reach out with your comments and feedback – I am currently putting together an agenda with my interested speakers so get involved! Email me at

"WinTec16 was a vibrant and energetic mix of inspiring conversations and experiences from women actually involved in technology - from all sectors and fields which made it extremely interesting and relevant. " (ALT)