Top Tips for Working From Home During Mental Health Awareness Week


As it's Mental Health Awareness Week (18th - 24th May 2020), we have asked our employees to share their top tips and tricks to mental and physical wellbeing whilst working from home during the current global pandemic. 

1. Stay active! Set your alarm early, shower, get dressed, establish a morning routine - just like you do when you're heading into the office!

2. Make sure you're taking the time to keep in touch with your colleagues - relationships are key to our mental health. Whether it’s daily debriefing, weekly team catch up's or virtual drinks on a Friday, ensuring we're supporting our colleagues during uncertain times is fundamental to our wellbeing.


3. Are you getting enough sleep? Poor or lack of sleep can negatively affect your mental health. Listen to your body, let it rest when it's asking for a break.

4. Keep an eye on your diet - what you eat plays a big role in your mental and physical wellbeing! Top tips include meal prepping, batch cooking dishes at the beginning of the week, stocking up on healthy snacks and drinking the recommended 2 litres of water per day.


5. What does your workstation look like? If it's cluttered with distractions and you don't have to hand the equipment you need, you're likely to be much less productive. Take the opportunity to spring clean your surroundings!

6. Ensure you take a break every 30 minutes to step away from your workstation. Whether it's to stretch, make a coffee, put the clean washing away or get some fresh air, make sure you set a regular alarm to ensure you keep your body moving.

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