What is the Tech Talent Charter?

May 14, 2020 | D Cody


What is the Tech Talent Charter, and how does it aim to help improve diversity in the UK tech sector?

The Tech Talent charter is an initiative formed by several organisations across tech, recruitment and social enterprise fields, providing companies a way of showing their commitment to diversity in the sector.

Put simply, the charter is designed to increase diversity within the UK’s tech companies, with the aim of achieving equal opportunity and representation for all employees in the sector. 

By signing the charter, companies commit to joining this mission, by implementing new policies, making changes to their hiring process, and other effective measures to improve diversity in their organisation.

Commitment towards a collective goal

In sectors such as technology, where the road towards true gender equality seems quite long indeed, it can often be useful to provide companies with a means for publicly making a commitment, to do everything they can to help achieve the collective goal. 

It’s this mentality that helped the charter push past its milestone of 200 signatories earlier this year – over 200 tech-related companies, publicly showing they are committed to growing the diversity of their business.

In addition to seeking support from firms in the tech sector in order to sign the charter, TTC also has a steering committee made up of representatives from some of the UK’s most influential tech companies, such as Tech UK and Code First Girls.

In March 2017, the government officially backed the charter, joining the hundreds of signatories committed to changing the landscape of the tech industry, one of largest contributors to the UK economy.

Debbie Forster, CEO of the Tech Talent Charter, said the following, after the initiative had received government funding:

“We’re very excited to be taking the next step on our journey. It’s vital for the industry to come together to show females that a career in technology is incredibly rewarding, to increase the number of females working within the industry, to attract those considering a career change, and to inspire younger generations.”

Using action, rather than words alone

Studies have shown that the number of female employees in the tech sector in the UK is currently at around 15%, a concerning number considering the number of female employees in the UK workforce. 

It is widely accepted that the low number of females in the sector is due to a number of factors, from early education to discrimination in the hiring process. For this reason, the problem requires a number of different approaches to solve it.

Words alone are unlikely to shift the balance when it comes to women working in tech, it requires more opportunities given to young girls, as well as a societal push for greater diversity in these kinds of roles.