Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018: In Pictures

June 29, 2018 | D Cody

Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018

We are so proud of the success of this year's Women of Silicon Roundabout. This year, over 4,000 attendees came to learn, share their experiences and supercharge their careers with us. 

Check out the highlights of the two-day event, packed full of talks, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops. We hope to see you there next year.

Women of Silicon Roundabout returns to London's Excel centre on 25-26 June 2019. To request a brochure, click here.

Day One

Women of Silicon Roundabout co-founder Michaela Jeffery Morrison greeted attendees with an inspiring opening address on day one!


My, what a big audience we have!


After the opening address, attendees get their agendas sorted for the day via the event app: 


Business and tech legend Martha Lane Fox brought the house down with her talk ‘Views From a Dot Com Dinosaur’ in the auditorium on Tuesday morning:


Softwire’s Zoe Cunningham tells our attendees how to make the leap from techie to business leader, in one of Tuesday’s career and personal development talks:


Attendees pin up their career goals for the next year in our Career Garden:


Buffer’s Director of Engineering Katie Womersley gave a great talk on building and scaling distributed teams, and creating a strong remote-inclusive culture. We talked to Katie earlier this year about breaking down boundaries:


One attendee captures the moment:


Clare Sudbery, Lead Consultant Developer at ThoughtWorks, gave a great workshop titled ‘The Testing Pyramid: From One End to the Other; How to Test Effectively’. Check out our Q&A with Clare earlier this year:


Vicki Hearn from Social Tech Trust and Jhanvi Gudka from Kin&Co host a panel discussion around how tech companies can do good and have a purpose in all parts of the organisation: 


Attendees get up close and personal with David Attenborough in a VR experience:


Titan the robot puts the fear into some of our attendees. Who wouldn’t be scared of an 8-foot tall glowing mechanoid?


A group of attendees get familiar with the props in our photobooth: 


It’s always good to see our attendees sharing their knowledge and experience at workshops:


Day Two 

David McQueen, Managing Director at Narratively, kicks things off on day two:


Our career and personal development workshops tend to get quite full!


David Turner, Rachel Guest, Sarah Lucas and Danielle Istead from William Hill tell our attendees the story of how they got where they are today whilst driving a cultural change in their company:


It’s always good to meet like-minded individuals at networking drinks, especially after a day of learning!


We had an absolute blast! See you next year!


Women of Silicon Roundabout returns to London 25-26 June 2019. To request a brochure, click here.

Video Highlights: Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018: