Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019: 4 sessions and what you'll learn from them

April 3, 2019 | Georgina Varley

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Ahead of this year’s Women of Silicon Roundabout, running from 25-26 June, we checked in with four of our inspirational speakers.

Here’s what you can expect from Marta Krupińska, Dr Rebecca PopeRiya Grover and Alena Bennett at this year's groundbreaking tech conference in London. These innovators will be sharing their knowledge of the sector and tips on how to succeed in a male-dominated industry, encouraging fellow female tech workers to progress in the field and smash that glass ceiling. They join over 300 speakers, from a selection of the world’s leading technology companies, and more than 6,000 attendees at our two-day event.

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Marta Krupińska, Head of Google for Startups UK @ Google 

Marta Krupinska

'Who Should Be The First 5 People You Hire In A Startup?', 25 June at 12:05

Finding the right people to join you in your startup venture is difficult, but it’s well worth your time and effort in putting in the leg work to find the right people. As a startup founder who doesn’t have infinite resources for recruitment and training programmes, you can still save yourself a lot of grief (and money) by taking charge of the hiring process. Here, we talk about who your first 5 hires should ideally to build a strong foundation.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding that YOU are your first hire: The CEO.
  • Realising that if you’re a non-coding founder, then you will need to invest in a Front-End Engineer, preferably with experience in UX and design.
  • … And then there’ll also be the Back-End Engineer!
  • Integrating a Marketing Manager
  • Understanding what it is you're trying to deliver – Do you need a Product or Sales Manager (or both)?

Dr Rebecca Pope, Head of Data Science & Engineering @ KPMG

Dr Rebecca Pope

'Top Tips For Launching Into A Career In Data Science', 26 June at 13:35

Learning data science can be intimidating; especially when you are just starting your journey. Which tool should you learn – R or Python? Which techniques should you focus on? How much statistics should you learn? Do you need to learn coding? These are some of the many questions you need to answer as part of your journey into data science, and which we will examine during this presentation.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding how to choose the right type of data science role: data visualisation, machine learning, data scientist or data engineer?
  • Understanding the specifics needed for your chosen data science specialisation.
  • Understanding the importance of embracing failure.
  • Examining the importance of being open to a range of languages and tools to become the 'Swiss Army Knife' of data science!
  • Underlining the need for peer networks along the way.
  • Ensuring you are applying your new learning to potential business applications.

Riya Grover, Co-Founder and CEO @ Feedr

Riya Groverjpg

'Defining Your Culture Blueprint: Building Culture From The Start', 26 June at 11:30 

What is culture? What should it mean for a startup, and why is culture important in a new company, anyway? Answer: The failure rate of new ventures is around 50-60% during the first 2 years, and one of the leading causes is leadership or management which is often stated as poor team composition or incompetence  all of which can be linked directly to culture. So, how do we design culture in our startups?

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the importance of linking your company mission to your values to establish an environment where you’re all living the culture.
  • Accepting that if embraced, culture can become a core strategic resource.
  • Prioritising the time to put into writing your defined values.
  • Ensuring that you approach recruitment inclusive of values fit.
  • Establishing open avenues of communication to create a positive environment.
  • Diarising regular reviews of your company culture to ensure it is still on point.

Alena Bennett, Director @ Alena Bennett

Alena Bennett-2

'Getting Your Manager Engaged In You & Your Priorities – 5 Ways To Create A Better Relationship With Your Boss', 26 June at 14:45 

A healthy, respectful relationship with your manager can improve your morale and productivity, and ultimately, it can boost your career. If you want a relationship that goes beyond “we get along fine,” during this presentation we will review the tips and tricks for building a stronger alliance with your boss.

Key takeaways include:

  • Employees taking the initiative to meet with their bosses, to tackling project statuses, presenting ideas, and checking you’re on track with your mutual goals and strategies.
  • Embracing how to be truly innovative and take initiative to demonstrate investment in company growth.
  • Assessing the importance of striving for truly open channels of communication.
  • Remembering that we are all human and communicating on a more human level.
  • Establishing trust for progress.

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