Women of Silicon Roundabout: 8 Weeks to Go!

April 30, 2019 | Georgina Varley

Women of Silicon Roundabout 8 Weeks To Go

We're 8 weeks away from London's most vibrant women in tech conference. This is your chance to join the movement.

Drive your digital economy at this year's Women of Silicon Roundabout, brought to you by the creators of the largest women in tech world series.

Network with thousands of inspirational tech leaders, propel your commercial objectives forward by embracing diversity and inclusion, and deep dive into the tech trends that are changing the face of the sector. You will leave with the knowledge and drive to write your own success story.

Taking place over 2 days, this conference boasts 150 sessions300 speakers, and 6,000 attendees and there's no better time to book, our Early Bird tickets are only available until 17 May. Buy yours now to avoid disappointment – you can save over £25 on Silver Passes and £50 on Gold Passes!

Women of Silicon Roundabout returns to London, 25-26 June 2019. Secure your spot among other innovators in your field today.


Women in Tech London

Why should you join us at Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019?

Be inspired by the ecosystem's most influential people in technology, network with like-minded peers, liaise with top London tech businesses and enhance your skills portfolio in a thought-provoking and inclusive environment. Don't miss out! 

Stand still in the tech sector, and you'll get left behind. 

Our conference allows you to deep dive into current tech trends and develop your business strategy based on these innovations. By attending you’ll get access to hands-on, practical workshops and talks by some truly inspirational individuals. Our aim is for you to walk away with actionable insights that you can use to sharpen your skillset from the second you leave the event.

Expect keynote speeches, workshops and technical classes on these topics:

Blockchain: Coming To An Industry Near You Soon! 

Blockchain is set to be the investment of the future according to many but, beyond crypto, what are the possible applications in your business? This presentation will assess blockchain beyond crypto, taking a vertical approach to its potential applications and some of the interesting applications seen to date.

What Will A World Powered By Quantum Computing Look Like?

As we move into 2019, it seems quantum computing is suddenly buzzing with almost feverish excitement and activity. Although the field of quantum computing is still in its nascent stages, researchers have made significant advances in recent years in the development of working quantum computers. They’ve found ways to sustain the life of qubits to increase the length of time information can be contained in a quantum system and, according to experts, working quantum computers will very likely be available in the next couple of decades. So, what can we expect from the future of quantum computing?


The Importance Of Coding For Entrepreneurs 

In the typical startup environment, small teams with a broad and complementary skillset come together to build a company. There are dozens of skills an entrepreneur must possess, from accounting and managing a profit and loss statement, to marketing and business development. If your business leverages technology, learning to code should be added to the list of skills you need for success.

Has AI Given Rise To New And Distinctive Ethical Issues?

Today, we find ourselves in a world fast-filling with robots. They’re driving our cars, performing our medical procedures, influencing our elections and threatening to take our jobs (according to some). It is obvious we can’t live without them, but the deeper question of how we live with them remains unanswered.

Women of Silicon Roundabout is about creating real change, together.

Women continue to be a minority in the technology sector, with men occupying approximately 76% of all computer science jobs

However, changing the state of play is possible and we are leading the way in the fight for gender equality in tech. The power of Silicon Roundabout's digital economy is vast and there’s no better time to ensure that you’re part of the conversation. 

Expect keynote speeches, workshops and technical classes on these topics:

Diversity & Inclusion Quotas – Help Or Hinderance?

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, nothing ignites greater debate than goals, targets, and quotas. On the one hand, setting specific diversity goals has been found to be one of the most effective methods for increasing the representation of women and other minority groups in companies. On the other hand, contentious arguments about targets vs. quotas, accusations of reverse discrimination, and fears of incentivising the wrong behaviours have arisen around goal-setting efforts. So, where does the truth lie?


Forget About The Pay Gap – Start Negotiating 

We know well the pay gap exists, but knowing doesn't change anything. So, let's start negotiating! Salary negotiations are an advanced game. Somewhere between excitement and fear. Why? Asking for more money is often a direct reflection of how willing you are to get uncomfortable and how much you think you are worth. The energy and attitude you bring to the table are equally important to
knowing what increase amount you can ask for and how. This is a hands-on invitation to look at your 50% in the negotiation, the parameters
you can control – preparation, behaviour and timing. 

Why You Should Be Hiring With Neurodiversity Front Of Mind!

Whilst diversity and inclusion in tech is commonly discussed in general terms, one area that is often overlooked is neurodiversity. During this session we will consider what neurodiversity is, but also what it means in terms of application to your organisation and its potential positive impacts for improved diversity and inclusion in your workforce.

Will 'Flexibility' Be The Key To The Evolution Of Work?

It’s important when considering how work will evolve in the future not to overlook that we are still tackling old problems, on top of the new. That said, the future of work can also sometimes mean using new solutions to tackle these old existing problems. Flexibility isn’t a new ‘perk’ as such, but up to now its been one that is hard to come by in the workplace.

However, flexibility at work is becoming more common and acceptable, largely down to the advances in technology. Working remotely and staying connected is now a global reality – but, still seen as a perk. As we move further forwards into the future of work will we need to change our attitudes?

Springboard your tech career. 

Listen to over 300 inspirational tech leaders share their tips for success in the world’s fastest-growing industry. Learn how to build confidence, use the correct body language and market yourself for success so that those top tech jobs come into reach. Leave with the knowledge and inspiration to pursue your dreams and write your own success story.

Expect keynote speeches, workshops and technical classes on these topics:

Media Training & PR Management For Founders & C-Suite Level Executives

Being confident, fluent, and engaging in a media interview is one of the best PR activities your business can get – and it’s usually free! A successful performance will not only grow your profile, but boost your bottom line too. Despite the huge opportunity (and risk), many senior executives do absolutely no training for encounters with journalists. Being self-assured in the business context doesn’t automatically translate to radio and TV, so quality, journalist-led media training is a wise investment.

Exerting Influence Without Authority

Have you been struggling with how to get people to do what you want them to do, when you have no direct authority over them? Not only is this possible, it’s one of the core skills of effective leadership. Learn the tools to go beyond mere compliance to enthusiastic cooperation of teams and individuals using influence.

Who Should Be The First 5 People You Hire In A Startup?

Finding the right people to join you in your startup venture is difficult, but it’s well worth your time and effort in putting in the leg work to find the right people. As a startup founder who doesn’t have infinite resources for recruitment and training programmes, you can still save yourself a lot of grief (and money) by taking charge of the hiring process. Here, we talk about who your first 5 hires should ideally be to build a strong foundation.

How Do Leaders Need To Evolve For The Future Of Work?

There are basic leadership skills that have worked for leaders and teams in the past. Basic leadership skills include the ability to communicate a vision, adapt to multiple personalities, manage conflict and motivate a team. The evolution of work will require leaders to have new skills! Leaders, therefore, need to upskill and reskill in order to build effectiveness and to inspire teams to create the future of work. Here we will examine just what this entails.


Don't just be part of the conversation – drive it!  

Join us at London's top women in tech conference, 25-26 June at ExCeL London. For group booking advice please contact sana@maddoxevents.com or, if your company is interested in getting involved, please visit this page for more information.

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