Women of Silicon Roundabout - Feedback Round 1

It’s been 3 weeks since the Women of Silicon Roundabout #WinTec17 conference took place. What a day! Obviously, as producer, I am very pleased to say that the majority of our feedback, of those who took the survey or made the effort to email or connect with me definitely made all that hard work worth it! Thank you very much to all of our speakers, sponsors, event partners and most importantly, attendees and community who took part in sharing their thoughts on the day.


Women of Silicon

As a quick round-up, and as we work on the full post-event report, I’d like to pick out a few bits to highlight.

Where do you go for industry and career news and info?
The majority of our audience actually use LinkedIn. I have read through some of the replies here and twitter followed very closely behind.

What attracted you most to the event?
The feedback ranged from ‘networking,’ ‘speakers,’ and ‘presentations’ all equally weighted.

What motivated you to attend the event?
To be inspired, learn more about tech and because it is a great initiative was amongst the feedback that stood out.

What was the benefit of attending #WinTec17?
Networking. If I were to make a rough guess 97% of the audience noted this down.

What content was missing from the day? Emphasis on new technologies and workshops that were actually workshops rather than lectures.

What would you like to see less of next year? Sales pitches. (clear winner)

For me, when creating this agenda and recruiting speakers it is incredibly helpful to receive constructive feedback on their content. This means we can continue to push our speakers to deliver insight, rich content and key takeaways that are valuable and most importantly actionable.

Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018 will be rammed full of what you loved, void of what you didn’t and offer a few more surprises that you won’t expect.

If you’d like to put any suggestions of topics and speakers or constructive ways to improve, get in touch - speakers@maddoxevents.com (this is my direct email address)

We’ll be sharing all of the content from the main three tracks of the event this week with our attendees.

If you haven’t already, please join us on LinkedIn and benefit from joining the network and receiving updates on the series: Women in Technology Event Series LinkedIn Group

I’ll leave you with some of the positive feedback we received from our attendees to keep the good vibes flowing.

I look forward to creating more #WinTec events.

Women in Silicon

#WinTec17 soundbites

The conference introduced me to a vibrant and talented community of women and allies in tech. I truly valued the chance to hear from leaders in the industry, and be inspired by their stories. I think it's important to challenge and encourage each other in our work to build a more diverse workplace. Women of Silicon Roundabout was certainly an awesome opportunity to do so.
Software Development Engineer, Amazon
A brilliant way to connect with over a thousand women in the IT industry and get personal and professional development advice.
Senior IT Manager, ARM
Interesting, engaging, friendly and thought provoking.
Data Governance, Deutsche Bank
For me it was a day well spent out of my business. A chance to speak to like minded people and share experiences/ voice thoughts & opinions and understand other companies better. Took away some tips and it was good to see that other companies have the same challenges no matter what size / reputation.
IT Recruiter, Evolution
This conference had the right balance of care and attention to the people that attended. Gender didn't even feel like it came into the day at all. This was simply a tech conference that was predominantly made up of women!
UI Designer, Dyson
Intriguing, engaging and thought provoking in different ways. Fantastic enthusiasm from speakers and there was a real buzz around the different rooms. The growth and development of attendees just shows how successful the event is and will be in years to come.
Service Desk Team Leader, Capita Travel and Events
The Women of Silicon Roundabout 2017 event was one of the best events which I have attended aimed at women. It had a varied number of speakers who were both motivating and informative. By having the workshops, I was able to learn even more from other influential people, as well as speaking to other businesses in the stands during the breaks.
Apprentice Applications Consultant, Capgemini
Fun, interesting and a joy to attend
Software Engineer Lead, Capgemini
A very slick and well-organised event with inspirational and thought-provoking speakers, a choice of workshops/talks to attend and all hosted in an architecturally interesting venue - what more could 1,200 women in IT want?
Head of Business Solutions, Forestry Commission
Women of Silicon Roundabout 2017 was an inspiring event. We heard from a lot of great thinkers and leaders in the industry and I came away feeling motivated.
Engineering Manger, GoCompare
A great event to learn about what is going on around the industry and to be inspired by the many women achieving fulfilling and interesting careers in technology.
Business Analyst/Project Manager, JP Morgan
Packed with the most inspiring women of technology, where every story and experience, every workshop and talk is Relevant and every piece of advice - another crack in the glass ceiling. A conference that is truly needed in the industry, for both women and men!
IT Service Delivery Manager, ITV
Inspiring to witness confident, intelligent and successful women presenting to the highest quality, and being so supportive of each other on and off the stage.
Head of Product, Funding Circle
A well organised, insightful and super inspiring day. Fantastic venue and diverse speakers, workshops and presentations. A real confidence booster, I left feeling 10 feet taller and ready to take on anything!
Senior Analysis Engineer, JDR Cable Systems Ltd
If you want to learn and have others learn from you, this is the place to be.
Global Billing Manager, SurveyMonkey
The event was really well organised from start to finish, the venue was an excellent choice. Most impressive were the speakers, I left feeling really positive and somehow proud of all the women who's achievements I hear about.
HR Recruitment, Resource Solutions, Financial Conduct Authority
If you think that IT is a male-dominated career, just attend this event.
Project Manager, Specsavers
Place to meet likeminded people to diversify Technology. Chance to share ideas, learn for others. All presented through industry leaders on current topics.
Head of Technology, Tesco
The opportunity to learn from 1000 other motivated, talented women and men in technology and having a say in where the future of technology is headed
Analyst, Technology Enablement, KPMG
Great people, great talks. Inspiring. A must go if you are a women in tech or simply interested in the topic. Well done.
Digital Insight Activation Specialist, HSBC
An event that will make you move your career forward.
CEO, Agile Chicks
Women of Silicon Roundabout 2017 was one of the most inspiring conferences I've been to. I was able to get an understanding of other industries and see how people's experiences can inform my own industry.
Product Design, Qubit
Fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded women and men who share the goal of maximising the future of technology by recognising the entire talent pool
Project Manager, Whitbread
Wonderful, inspirational day discovering what different peoples' definitions of diversity and inclusion are. I learned about people management and making people more awesome and also developed a new role model to aspire to in Jody Davids.
Engineering Manager, Intel
Fascinating, tidy and welcoming day. I didn't think about anything else all day and got completely lost in it.
Product Owner, Sainsbury’s
A relevant and broad group of professional women coming together to learn, network and raise the profile of women in tech.
HR Business Partner ( Tech), LexisNexis
Motivating, thought provoking and a great networking opportunity.
IT Project Manager, TJX Europe
Flawless organization, wonderful speakers and audience, and honorable mission!
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Women of Silicon Roundabout 2017 was an amazing day full of insights from a diverse set of speakers. I went home feeling inspired and empowered to take action in my own organization, with a strong sense of what to do and how to get started.
Merchant Success Manager, Shopify
#WinTec17 was a fantastic conference, covering a range of topics, experience and organisations. Its great to know, we are all working to the same goal and I left feeling inspired and empowered to push forward in my career.
Head of Service Introduction, AMS, Capgemini
Women of Silicon Roundabout 2017 was a fantastic event. The hardest part of the day was making the choice between all the talks and workshops. It was great to see so many engaged and passionate individuals looking to get involved in shaping and transforming the industry now and for the future generations.
Senior Business Analyst, Fidelity International
This event was really well organised and a great opportunity to meet some talented women. Never have I felt so inferior that I cannot code! Signing up for a course straight away! Looking forward to next year...
Managing Director, Silver Cloud HR
After seeing about 1200 women in the tech industry in UK at the conference, I am more hopeful that there is great talent available and we will be able to make more positive progress on Diversity!! It was very motivational to meet very successful working mothers and to learn how they successfully juggled career and family. Definitely an event not to miss :-)
HR Generalist, Sophos Ltd
This was a great day to connect with other women in Tech (something we don't get to do often) and learn and get inspired. It was great to see female leaders in Tech and be in sessions which focused on things that were important for career development as well as technical sessions that sparked my curiosity. Overall great event, I'd attend again! Software Engineer, Gumtree
The Tech industry isn't just about sitting around a computer writing code. It's about teams of people coming together to create innovative solutions to very human problems. This conference had something for every member of that team, from conception through development to delivery, sales and making a difference.
Artistic Director & Founder, Story Storks
A place to meet inspirational women in technology and engineering. You quickly become aware that your feelings and insecurities about your job is universal and all women have them. But you get taught from session one how to deal with this. I left feeling a lot more confident and had some tips of how to dealing with certain situations in the workplace.
Support Engineer, Vicon
The best event I've been to for Women in Tech - brilliantly executed, with amazing, entertaining and inspiring speakers. A must for anyone in, or interested in the industry.
Director, Druthers Search
It was good to see what the fuss is all about and I think it's worth it.
Corporate Paralegal, ARM

Women of Silicon Roundabout, Europe's biggest event for women in tech, returns to London on 25-26 June 2019To request a brochure, click here