Women of Silicon Roundabout is BACK!

June 27, 2016 | Maddox Women in Tech
Women in Silicon Round About

Following a highly successful launch in January, the Women of Silicon Roundabout series is now preparing for its second instalment in October.

Hosting 550+ attendees at Kings Place, in London on the 27th October, this one day, interactive conference is designed to assist in the development of conditions for women working in the technology sector, and also those working in the technology function of companies that aren't necessarily tech-focussed.

The unabated growth of the digital realm means that the UK internet economy is worth a staggering £120 billion annually. Tech is the fastest growing sector of the UK economy, however gender diversity is particularly poor in this sphere of business; just 14% of CIOs are women and a total of 16% of the industry workforce is made up of women. Clearly these figures do not sum up an industry in which both men and women can carve out a career and realise their full potential.

Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016 Part II will further raise visibility and awareness of the aforementioned issues. We will be discussing how to break down the barriers that face women working in technology, how to disassemble and reimagine out-dated company structures and how to inspire future generations of women into the tech landscape.

This is an industry agnostic event with those in attendance from the tech, media, financial industry, gaming, e-commerce, gambling, telco and retail industries.

Organisations, whether they are tech-focussed or not, who want to be involved in cutting-edge conversation, promote their company culture, position themselves as progressive, diverse and attractive to the best talent in this sphere, regardless of gender, race, physical ability or sexual persuasion, this event is a must-attend.

Let’s have a look at what happened when we sat down with the Head of Production of Women of Silicon Roundabout:

An interview with Michaela Jeffery-Morrison:

What is the purpose of this event?

If I had to wrap it all up into a simple phrase: To inspire and connect women working in technology. From our January event it became clear that there is a great need for collaboration and I believe this event is the platform to enable it. We want to tear down gender-based obstacles and hierarchies, and in-doing so open the tech industry to girls and women.

What can we expect from the day?

An agenda is filled to the brim with senior women and men in the industry, female founders, pioneers and thought leaders. Our main focus is to create unique and inspiring content so that our attendees come away feeling invigorated and well-informed. You will meet like-minded people from a variety of different industries and roles on every level through presentations, deep-dive panels, interactive workshops and networking breaks.

Who is this event for?

Anyone who works within the tech industry regardless of gender or level of experience. We also have content for HR professionals looking to evolve their company culture, female founders and younger women looking to start a career in this sphere.

What will be different in October compared to January’s event?

Firstly we’ve upgraded the venue, it’s taking place at the stunning King’s Place near King’s Cross. We collated and analysed all of the data collected from the comments and feedback we received and we’ve added a couple of new tracks including female founders, HR strategies and deep dive sessions for technical focused presentations and industry trends / innovations. 1 in 3 speakers will be male and our marketing efforts will reflect our intended audience which is to be diverse.

Aside from the tracks you mentioned what else can we expect in terms of content?

We’ll be evolving the women in tech leadership, bridging the gender gap and inspiring the next generation of women tracks as they were the most popular in January. We’ll also be covering issues such as pay negotiation and how gender differences effect interest levels in tech-focussed jobs. There is importance in addressing internal company culture and structure, recruitment issues, talent retention and the traditional gender hierarchies associated with European institutions. It isn’t however, designed to provide a format for negative input, the exchange of complaints or to demand diversity quotas.

What is your goal as lead producer?

To have as many influential people involved in this event as possible to provide the platform for conversation to inform and inspire anyone wanting to work or already working in the tech industry. The lack of women in tech does exist and still resonates for the majority of our community and my goal is to provide the means for those working towards this common goal to form connections and engage with their peers in order to facilitate action.

Women of Silicon Roundabout, Europe's biggest event for women in tech, returns to London on 25-26 June 2019To request a brochure, click here