Women of Silicon Roundabout is ready to welcome the UK tech community back!

Women of Silicon Roundabout

We’re super excited that Women of Silicon Roundabout, the UK’s most loved women in tech event, is returning to London on 1st & 2nd November 2021. 

For the last 6 years, Women of Silicon Roundabout has been the habitual stomping ground for tech leaders and diversity advocates to debate and action initiatives that support diverse voices. Following its creation in 2016, the event has enjoyed unprecedented success, boasting the best speaker line up of industry leaders, whilst positioning itself as a must-attend event for UK tech professionals, looking to not only advance their career, but for an unrivalled opportunity to unite with the community. 

The Women in Technology World Series creators founded Women of Silicon Roundabout with the mission to offer content that inspires and educates. The event's core belief is that equal opportunity and representation within technology is essential to the balanced and inclusive development of the sector. 

Every June, pre-COVID, the women in tech community would flock to the London Excel to learn, be inspired, and reconnect with their friends in tech. Now, after two years, we’re excited to make our much anticipated return this November as the UK emerges from the pandemic. ‘Our collective experiences of the past year have allowed us all to realise the power of face-to-face interactions in creating real and valuable connections’ says Michaela Jeffery-Morrison, CEO & Founder of the Women in Technology World Series. Michaela continues by stating that she’s 'truly looking forward to safely welcoming the community back for two days of exceptional content, carefully designed to advance tech careers, encourage networking and reignite a passion for the future of technology’. 

Women of Silicon Roundabout

Whilst positive change has been made to grow awareness of the lack of gender diversity in the tech industry, TechNation still reports that female representation within the sector remains disproportionately low at 19%. This issue doesn’t just persist on a gender basis, tech businesses still have huge steps to make to improve both the representation and inclusivity of minority groups, as those from diverse backgrounds make up only 15% of the UK tech workforce. Women of Silicon Roundabout has consistently welcomed a hugely active audience who are passionate about tackling the issue of the gender balance in the sector head-on, whilst supporting fellow tech professionals to excel and advance their careers. 

Women of Silicon Roundabout isn’t only valued by industry heavyweights for its ability to tackle tough conversations around diversity, but for the content it offers to allow attendees to supercharge their technical capabilities. Previous attendees have described the event as a ‘great opportunity to increase technical knowledge while being inspired by amazing speakers and incredible women.’ 

To find out more about what’s in store for the Women of Silicon Roundabout’s return this November, including the full confirmed speaker line-up, featured sessions, and remaining sponsorship opportunities, register your interest now!

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Women in Silicon Roundabout

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