Women of Silicon Roundabout Returns

March 4, 2019 | Georgina Varley

Women of Silicon Roundabout Returns

Women of Silicon Roundabout returns for 2019! Join us 25th-26th June at ExCeL London. 

Drive your digital economy at this year's Women of Silicon RoundaboutBe inspired by the ecosystem's most influential women in technology, network with like-minded female founders, liaise with top Silicon Roundabout tech companies and enhance your skills portfolio in a passion-charged atmosphere.

Part of the world’s largest Women in Tech conference series, this two day event boasts over 150 sessions, 300 speakers and 6,000 attendees. Don't miss out on London's top event for women in technology. 

See below for highlights from last year's conference. 

VIEW THE AGENDAWhat can I expect on the day?

Stand still in the tech sector, and you'll get left behind. Our conference allows you to deep dive into current tech trends and develop your business strategy based on these innovations. Expect keynote speeches, workshops and technical classes on these topics:

Strategies for Building Cool Products — How to Build and Structure Teams for Hypergrowth 

Businesses exist for one simple reason: to solve a big problem. At the core of every great product or service is an unfulfilled need that reaches a big enough market. But it’s not enough to have a great idea that solves a big problem; behind each successful company stands a flexible team that can efficiently turn a vision into a growing business. So, how do you scale your teams for hypergrowth?

How to Start a Career in AI and Machine Learning

AI has been a sound career choice for a while now because of the growing adoption of the technology across industries and the need for trained professionals to do the jobs created by this growth. Pundits predict that AI will create close to 2.3 million jobs by 2020. However, it is also forecasted that this technology will wipe out over 1.7 million jobs, resulting in about half a million new jobs worldwide.

In addition, AI also offers many unique and viable career opportunities. AI is used in almost every industry, from entertainment to transportation, yet we have a huge need for qualified, skilled professionals. During this presentation we will discuss the future of AI and machine learning as career fields.

How to Avoid Unconscious Bias in your Job Specs

Studies have shown that ads across many male-dominated industries (like tech) include gendered language that deters female candidates from applying. This unconscious bias is often communicated unintentionally in the way ads are written and can negatively impact the diversity of the candidates for the role.

The use of gendered language in ads can undermine the implementation of a diverse hiring strategy and affect the way a company’s employer brand is perceived. So, how to remove unconscious bias from your recruitment process?

Is there a Future for DevOps?
The adoption of DevOps practices within businesses is a recent tech trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. As we move into 2019, it is becoming more obvious that DevOps is becoming mainstream, with many large organisations getting on board with the concept.
But, does DevOps have a longer-term future, or will it be replaced by something else 10 years from now? During this presentation we consider what the future holds for DevOps.


Blockchain: Coming to an Industry Near you Soon! 

Blockchain is set to be the investment of the future according to many, but beyond crypto what are the possible applications in your business? This presentation will assess blockchain beyond crypto, taking a vertical approach to its potential applications and some of the interesting applications seen to date.

Creating your Growth Mindset to Tackle Impostor Syndrome

Feeling like an impostor is more common than you might think. In fact, 58% of people with technology-focused careers suffer from Impostor Syndrome, according to a study from workplace social media site Blind. Indeed, its estimated that 70% of people experience impostor syndrome at one point in their lives. So, how do you tackle this if you’re in tech?

How Big is the Tech Sector Ethnic Pay Gap? 

When the issue of pay gaps is raised, it more often than not centres around gender, but ethnic pay gaps are also a big problem. There is clearly discrimination in employment, with people with equivalent qualifications but with African and Asian surnames having to send in twice as many CVs just to get an interview.

Black and minority-ethnic people are also more likely to face disciplinary action and other decisions that most affect progression and pay. In 2019, it's time to give equal light to ethnic pay gaps as well as gender. Here we will consider what the next steps need to be. 

The Pros and Cons of Moving Laterally Rather than Vertically 

It’s easy to just think of career advancement as a straight line. But many people are increasingly taking a different approach and making more lateral moves. Why? A lateral move can be very beneficial in arriving at your ultimate goal. It offers the opportunity to learn new skills, increase your visibility and could ultimately prepare you for the promotion you are looking for. During this presentation we will consider the pros and cons of lateral career moves.

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Who will be there? 

Celebrate London's vibrant tech scene with sponsors that include American Express, BP, Dell Technologies, Expedia Group, Goldman Sachs, Capital One, Tesco Technology and Google (to name a few) and talks from these speakers: 

  • Oona King, Director of Diversity Strategy @ Google
  • Doina Popa, CIO – Salesforce @ Barclays
  • Genevieve Kangurs, Head of Digital Experience & Adoption @ TSB
  • Catherine Trotter, Technology Director @ Moneysupermarket Group
  • Stacey O’Connor, Project Manager – Team Lead & Account Principal @ Adobe
  • Shephali Sillitoe, Director – GTB Operations & Technology, Cross-Product Operations & Technology Services @ Deutsche Bank
  • Anne Boden, CEO @ Starling Bank
  • Caroline Hermon, Head of New Business & Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning @ SAS
  • Tiffany Carpenter, Head of Customer Intelligence Solutions UKI @ SAS
  • Renée A. Ure, Vice President – Global Supply Chain @ Lenovo
  • Rikke Rosenlund, Founder & CEO @ BorrowMyDoggy
  • Maggie Buggie, SVP – Global Head of SAP Leonardo Services @ SAP
  • Melinda Roylett, European Lead @ Square
  • Ali Minaei, CTO @ Yoyo Wallet
  • Sharon Cooper, Chief Digital Officer @ EIU
  • Lesya Liskevych, Head of Web Analytics @ Kindred Group
  • Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director @ Women on Boards UK
  • Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer @ Societe Generale Group
  • Marta Krupinska, Co-Founder @ FreeUp.io
  • Jeremy Boon, Respect & Inclusion Lead – Analytics @ Deloitte Technology
  • Lesley Reeve, COO & Director of Customer Success @ FISCAL Technologies
  • Ashleigh Ainsley, Co-Founder @ Colorintech

 There's other speakers to be added, so watch this space! Click below to find out more.



Still not convinced? Here’s a note from our producer, Emma Tommony:

As we continue to move further into the modern digital revolution, tech’s potential to change the world through a more diverse and inclusive workforce is limitless... and with the prospect of new technologies still undiscovered ahead, it’s a genuinely exciting time to be in – or get into – tech!

By joining us in London, you’ll be at the forefront of the global community shaping the future for a more gender-diverse workforce. And you’ll be empowered with the skills, knowledge and connections needed to break the mould and reach your goals. 

The technology of tomorrow will require us ALL to play a role in its advancement. A non-diverse workforce is simply not going to cut it any longer. The advance of technology is creating new jobs, and we therefore need ‘new’ people to fill these roles – namely those looking to actively shape the future. 

The time for hiding in the shadow of legacy stereotypes and technologies is over  join this pioneering new event, and bring your best self to our trailblazing community striving for real change!

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Women in Tech

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