Managing Perceptions to Accelerate Achieving Your Career Goals

You believe you have the right skills and qualities to reach the goal(s) you have set for yourself - yet you feel like you are making very little progress in doing so. During this webinar, I will share my experience & practical exercises that you can use to identify the people around you who can support you. We will look at perceptions: which perceptions matter, do people’s perceptions match those you have of yourself, and how can you shift them to put you in a stronger position to reach the goals you have set for yourself. 

Webinar Outline:

  • Stakeholder Analysis: does everyone’s perception of you matter?  
  • Top 3 Exercise: do others’ perceptions of you align with what you would like them to be? 
  • Bringing it together: how do you move perception closer to the desired state? 

Who is this Webinar perfect for?

  • Anyone who is ready to learn more about the power of perception
  • Anyone looking to leverage collaboration to achieve your career goals

Date: Thursday 16 July

Time: 14:00 – 15:00 BST

Presented By

Marlou Siemerink

Product Manager, Salesforce Platform Team @ Zettle, a Paypal service.

Marlou is the Salesforce Platform Product Manager @ iZettle, where she is responsible for ensuring that the strategic needs of the business are met by a highly customised and inter-connected Salesforce Environment. After earning her Master in Fashion Management, she started her career in Sales, and eventually ended up with a small Edinburgh based start up called intelligentpos. The company was taken over by iZettle, which in turn has become part of the Paypal family. An internal move shifted her main focus from Sales to Business Analysis, clearing the path to her current role of Product Manager. In 2019 she was featured in the “Women Transforming Tech” book that was created through a collaboration between iZettle and UN Women UK, and she is actively involved with the UK Diversity & Inclusion Chapter within iZettle.

Areas of Expertise: People-Centric Design, Backlog Management, Salesforce, Agile, Cross Functional Collaboration