Using AI to Enhance the Delivery of Healthcare

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world as humans do. Currently, there are several areas in healthcare where computer vision is being utilised and benefiting medical professionals. Computer vision can be used for patient monitoring in chronic conditions. This includes the tracking of optimal use of pharma treatment and establishes effectiveness and behavioural adherence patterns to improve adherence-improving interventions. The founder, Letizia is going to talk about how it's AI application can support chronic conditions in making faster and better medical decisions.

Webinar Outline:

  • Learn how AI is being utilised to advance the treatment of healthcare in chronic conditions
  • How AI can help to provide more accurate results and prescription of medicine

Who is this Webinar perfect for:

Early carrier researchers, engineers interested in starting up a company

Date: Friday 24 July

Time: 13:30 – 14:30 BST

Presented By

Letizia Gionfrida

Co-founder & CEO @ Arthronica

Letizia Gionfrida is a bioengineer and an entrepreneur, found of the London-based digital health company Arthronica. Letizia studied bio-engineering in Italy and New York and working at the New York University on high filed magnetic resonance. In 2015 she moved in Singapore to work at the Nanyang Technological University AI algorithms implementation to quantify skin disease. She then started a PhD at Imperial College London, AI-based model to measure biomechanics parameters and estimate musculoskeletal disorders from cameras. While working as researcher, Letizia managed >2M EU funding. In 2018 she received funding from Research England fining to turn her research into a company, Arthronica ltd. The company in less than one year received >£350k in grants and £500k in pre-seed capital and, among others has won the support of Entrepreneurs First, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center, growing to 10 employees in 2019. In 2019 Letizia was appointed as Non-Exec Director on the board of the Imperial Enterprise, Imperial Venture Mentoring Service.

Areas of Expertise: Digital Health, Bioengineering